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Doctor Who: Who & Company

This is the Doctor Who podcast where good company gathers to discuss Doctor Who and a company of other British Sci-Fi related shows.  Join Brent and Drew each month for a new batch of guests and topics!

Mar 6, 2019

After a very busy February, we are back with a very late episode, but we promise that it's well worth the wait.  Joining us this month is the award-winning writer/actress of stage and screen and the Fourth Doctor's brand new companion at Big Finish, the wonderful Jane Slavin!  Jane stops in to share her beginnings as a writer, her acting career, and her long history in radio drama including her new run as WPC Ann Kelso alongside Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor.

Then Jane brings along her Pick of the Month, David Nobbs's comedy classic sitcom from the late 70s, The Fall & Rise of Reginald Perrin.  We'll discuss the story of a man that is never satisfied with his life to the point of faking his death not once, but several times, starring one of Jane's favorites, Leonard Rossiter.

Also, James & Ian stop by to review the recent screening of Logopolis to celebrate the upcoming Tom Baker Season 18 blu-ray set.