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Doctor Who: Who & Company

This is the Doctor Who podcast where good company gathers to discuss Doctor Who and a company of other British Sci-Fi related shows.  Join Brent and Drew each month for a new batch of guests and topics!

Mar 30, 2022

One of the co-hosts of THE Doctor Who Podcast joins us this month  - it's Ian Dudley!  We discuss his podcast beginnings and how he discovered Doctor Who.

Then Ian brings along his Pick of the Month, the 1998 vampire crime drama, Ultraviolet!  We talk about how this particular series treats vampirism scientifically, whether or not it would thrive as a reboot, and a little known actor called Idris Elba.

But before we get to Ian, Brent sits down with actress, writer, & director Jane Slavin to chat about her time on Ultraviolet and her recent stint as Anya Kingdom in Big Finish's Dalek Universe!

AND stay tuned after the credits for Jane Slavin's story about driving the BMW Z3.