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Doctor Who: Who & Company

This is the Doctor Who podcast where good company gathers to discuss Doctor Who and a company of other British Sci-Fi related shows.  Join Brent and Drew each month for a new batch of guests and topics!

Apr 2, 2018

This month, we look back at our time at this year's (Re)Generation Who 4 convention in Baltimore, Maryland featuring many guests including Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and the first public appearance of Peter Capaldi since leaving the role of the Doctor!  And if that's not exciting enough, we were very fortunate to grab a 10 minute interview with none other than Ian Chesterton himself, William Russell, discussing his time on The Adventures of Sir Lancelot!

After that, you can hear our live panel with comic artist Simon Fraser discussing what it's like to draw the Eleventh Doctor and why he chose Star Trek: Enterprise as his classic TV show.

All that and a recap from us of this year's fantastic convention.