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Doctor Who: Who & Company

This is the Doctor Who podcast where good company gathers to discuss Doctor Who and a company of other British Sci-Fi related shows.  Join Brent and Drew each month for a new batch of guests and topics!

Feb 28, 2023

That's right!  For two months in a row, this month's guest is joining us again.  He just won't leave!  All kidding aside, James Rockliffe of THE Doctor Who Podcast is with us to discuss his beginnings of Doctor Who fandom, how he got the podcasting bug, and why The Web Planet is still horrible!

Then James brings along...

Jan 29, 2023

Welcome to 2023, everyone!  And welcome to Season 7 of Who & Company as we kick off the year sharing DWP Special Episode 26 with our guests this month, James & Michele of THE Doctor Who Podcast!  This time, we are discussing the latest Doctor Who animated release, the Second Doctor adventure, The Abominable Snowmen....

Jan 5, 2023

Happy New Year! We just wanted to drop in and thank all of our guests from 2022 and especially YOU, our wonderful listeners! Catch us later this month for our annual animated chat. Which story? Listen to this quick message to find out! See you soon!

Dec 2, 2022

In November of 2022, Drew was fortunate enough to sit down and have a chat with several Doctor Who personalities about what they're up to and of course what television shows they love to watch.  Join us this month as we have interviews with:

Wendy Padbury (Zoe, companion of the Second Doctor)

Bhav Parmar (Sonya Khan,...

Oct 30, 2022

Our guest this month is writer, producer, and director Chris Chapman!  Chris has directed many of the documentaries and special features in the Doctor Who DVD & Blu-Ray ranges and has also written stories for Big Finish.  Chris tells us how he got involved in directing, how he started writing for Big Finish, and what he...