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Doctor Who: Who & Company

This is the Doctor Who podcast where good company gathers to discuss Doctor Who and a company of other British Sci-Fi related shows.  Join Brent and Drew each month for a new batch of guests and topics!

Apr 19, 2017

After an amazing first episode of Series 10, we sit down the very next day to discuss all of the ins and outs of the Doctor Who Convention circuit with Alan Siler of WHOlanta, Ken Deep of L.I. Who, and Taylor Deatherage of Chicago TARDIS!  Our guests share their experiences attending and organizing several Doctor Who conventions, including their own, and how the joy of presenting them far outweigh the challenges.

After that, join us as we rattle on about this week's fantastic Series 10 opener featuring a couple of great new companions.  Thanks for listening!

(SPOILER WARNING - If you haven't seen The Pilot yet, we start discussing around the 40 minute mark.)